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Rachel has lived in DC for three years and has been involved with anti-violence movement among vulnerable populations for 10 years. Rachel moved to DC to follow her dreams of pursuing social justice on a national level after graduating from University Of California Berkeley with her bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in social inequalities. Post graduation  Rachel lived in one of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in her hometown, Fresno, California while interning with the Highway City Community Development organization.. Rachel was able to learn true empathy for communities of color and community engagement through educational activities and community development. After moving to DC  in 2014 , she completed her Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training certification and uses yoga to promote awareness and raise funds for trauma related causes. Rachel loves being outside and gardening to promote sustainable social, environmental and community development.

Rachel is excited to use her educational knowledge to help with Men Of Code with two new cohorts in local DC high schools. Rachel also will help expand Becky’s Fund development initiatives. Rachel is excited to use her passions: community development, education, yoga and advocacy to assist Becky’s Fund in multiple facets.

Hi! My name is Anthony Perez and I am really excited to begin working with Becky’s Fund as a new intern. I am from Philadelphia, PA where I study at Drexel University. I am majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Justice and Human Rights. Outside of school and work, I play the piano and love dancing bachata, salsa and hip-hop.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always had my heart set on working with a non-profit that would be dedicated to helping others whether the issues range from poverty, hunger or violence. Domestic violence and the topic of masculinity really strikes a chord with me since I grew up in a Latino family where traditional, male-dominant values are held. I knew a handful of women who were victims of domestic abuse so I would be more than willing to do what I can to aid others who face similar problems.


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Join Gary Clark and Men of Code for our first-ever Family Fitness Challenge! This June 24, come out to Redskins Park with family and friends to compete and win the chance to tour the #NFL Headquarters. Don’t miss out on this event – register NOW atwww.NFLexperience.com/Becky!

APRIL 20, 2017


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Becky’s Fund, a national non-profit committed to ending intimate partner violence, and The Covello Foundation, a non-profit committed to character development of youth through sports, are partnering to sponsor a “Shark Tank” entrepreneurial scholarship competition with students at Friendship Public Charter School Collegiate Academy in Washington, D.C. During this competition, the students will present business ideas to solve an issue in their community to a panel of “shark” judges. The panel will announce the top three most effective presentations and award them with a total of $6,000 scholarship funds for higher education granted by the Covello Foundation. Hosted by Brandon Andrews, a senior consultant at Values Partnerships, ABC’s Shark Tank casting, this pitch competition will be judged by a panel made up by Danny Boice, Founder of Trustify, Mitch Katz, President of Capital Associates, Apollos Hill, Security Operations for TEK Systems Consulting, Christina Covello, Vice President of The Covello Foundation and Stephanie Covello, President of The Covello Foundation.

Students at Friendship, many of which belong to the football and basketball teams, have been counseled by mentors to develop potential solutions to issues they see in their community.

This initiative will further strengthen the bond between Becky’s Fund and Friendship Collegiate Academy, who have worked together through the Men of C.O.D.E. (Men of Character and Ownership, Dedicated to Leading by Example) program.

“Through Men of C.O.D.E., we have had a tremendous journey working with the student athletes from Friendship Collegiate Academy’s football team, empowering them to become positive male role models for their peers and community,” said Becky Lee, Founder of Becky’s Fund. “We are thrilled to host the Shark Tank pitch competition sponsored by the Covello Foundation at Friendship to encourage creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and help prepare our youth to take charge of their economic destiny.”

When asked about the relationship between this competition and Becky’s Fund mission of ending domestic violence by one of the participants, Lee replied, “Our pitch competition gives you an extraordinary opportunity to practice important communication and negotiation skills while teaching you how to actively listen, which is necessary in maintaining a healthy relationship. Further, financial strife is a large reason for why couples fight, so learning how to create a strong sound financial plan can also assist in helping you secure a happy and healthy relationship now and in the future.”

Led by Coach Mike Hunter, Friendship’s football team has been involved in several community programs that have made an impact on and off the field.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Becky’s Fund and the Covello Foundation to bring Shark Tank to Friendship,” said Coach Hunter. “We have seen the incredible impact of the Men of C.O.D.E. program on our boys over the last three years and are excited to watch them compete and learn about financial literacy hands-on through the upcoming Shark Tank competition.”

The Covello Foundation was started by the Covello family in memory of their father, a lifelong coach, college athlete, and mentor to youth in his community. Through the Foundation, they have been able to continue his legacy by facilitating character development in young people nationwide.

“Our dad was not only an athlete and a coach, but also an entrepreneur who founded a software services company in New Jersey,” said Stephanie Covello, President of the Covello Foundation. “He truly believed that discipline, resilience, and persistence, were all characteristics that develop through sports, which in turn lead to success in business.” “Partnering with Becky’s Fund and the students at Friendship Collegiate is the perfect opportunity to support young athletes in our local community, while fostering entrepreneurship, creative thinking, and teamwork, which honors our father’s legacy,” added Christina Covello, Vice-President of the Covello Foundation.

The live pitch competition will be held on April 26th, 2016 at 6:30-9:00 PM in the auditorium at Friendship Collegiate Academy located at 4095 Minnesota Avenue, NE, Washington, D.C. and is open to the public.

Becky’s Fund is a nonprofit organization that seeks to prevent intimate partner violence by creating awareness, encouraging advocacy among peers, promoting activism through outreach programs, and providing support for survivors and their families. To learn more about what they do, visit www.BeckysFund.org.

Established in 2006, the Covello Foundation has sponsored clinics and special training events, provided financial support to young people to allow them to participate in team sports, made significant enhancement to community athletic fields and awarded baseball training scholarships to players who demonstrate that special “heart and soul” approach to the game and their team. To learn more, visit covellofoundation.org.



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We are excited to partner with The Dailey Method to get our heartbeats racing before Gold Cup! Please join us on Saturday, April 29 for a Charity Spinning Class. Only 15 bikes left before the class fills up! All proceeds go to Becky’s Fund.

Please RSVP to amandapb@beckysfund.org by Wednesday, April 26 to reserve a bike.

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Sip for a good cause! Please join Compass and Becky’s Fund next Tuesday, April 25th as we celebrate the Washington Springtime with a Happy Hour at Chaplin’s. 10% of the bar proceeds will be donated to Becky’s Fund, and you will be able to purchase your Gold Cup tickets onsite.

Please RSVP to amandapb@beckysfund.org by Monday, April 24 to attend.

Women’s rights – we’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

From the suffragettes to the Women’s March on Washington, thousands of women and men all over the country and world have done their part to push for equal rights. The battle is by no means over, but this March 8, we celebrate how far we have come. First observed on the one-year anniversary of the 1908 New York Garment Workers’ Strike, which was overwhelmingly female, every March 8 became a key day to protest issues such as women’s suffrage. These demonstrations quickly grew in size – as a matter of fact, a 1917 Women’s Day protest is widely held responsible as the catalyst for the fall of the Russian Empire. Despite this, International Women’s Day was not formally established until 1975 by the United Nations.

Although countries such as Russia and China treat International Women’s Day as a Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day hybrid, the day traditionally celebrates female empowerment and women’s successes, both in the workforce and society. This International Women’s Day, however, we have a very special ally in the battle for equal rights. Tinder (yes, that Tinder) has partnered with Pledgeling.com and chosen Becky’s Fund and 11 other women’s causes (Planned Parenthood, Women for Women, Girls Who Code, UN Women, She Lift, She’s the First, Partners in Health, Tostan, Baby2Baby, Grameen America and Girls Not Brides) to give them the chance to receive up to $250,000 in donations to support sisterhood and women’s empowerment. Will you join us and help Becky’s Fund receive funding to continue the work we do to prevent domestic violence and support survivors and their families?

It’s easy!

1. Follow @Tinder on Twitter.
2. Post an original tweet about why you support @BeckysFund on International Women’s Day (you must include @BeckysFund @Tinder #FundHerCause).
3. Tinder will DM you a code to enter on www.tinder.fund worth $100 in support of Becky’s Fund.

We are honored to have been chosen for this incredible opportunity. 1 in 3 women is affected by intimate partner violence, making it one of the biggest stumbling blocks for women’s equality. With this partnership, Tinder and Pledgeling.com are giving women all over the world the chance to have their voices heard.

We invite you to help us spread awareness and #FundHerCause!

Trump’s new executive action has swept the country causing many people to be put in distressing positions. The Trump administration’s executive order for a temporary travel ban on immigrants not only contributes to the false stereotypes but has caused mass pain and fear for people all around the world. Immigration rights and issues have been a longstanding battle within the government. Abuse is often exerted through power and control due to victim’s immigration status. Becky’s Fund, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and many other allies of victims of domestic violence recognize the unique issues that immigrants and refugees face when it comes to reporting domestic violence. However, recent policy changes including the travel ban have made reporting abuse increasingly difficult and frightening for immigrant victims.

Trump’s ability to defund sanctuary cities and further punish organizations and cities by withholding money and support affects many immigrants around the country. It is possible that the Trump administration can cut off DOJ programs, domestic violence grants, and violence against women grants. Many immigrant victims find support and safety from programs that the Trump administration has decided to defund.

Immigrants are already suffering emotional trauma from the recent policy changes by the President and his administration. The Muslim ban has affected thousands of Americans and their families. A country that many had once called home and thought they were safe in has become a threat to their education, jobs, and family life. The fight for immigrant abuse victims to have the right to live an abuse-free life has been a mission of ours and many. It is time to support our neighbors and community by taking action keeping up with the current issues that our country faces today.

As Americans, we have the right and access to contact our members of Congress and demand to know what they are doing to oppose the policies that are being issued by the Trump administration. Call or email your state officials as well. You are not limited to members of Congress to educate yourself and get more information. You can contact your governors and mayors and simply ask, “what are you doing to protect our immigrants and refugees that are victims of abuse and of the current ban policy?”

You can also reach out to anyone you know that may be affected by these policies. A neighbor, coworker, friend, or a parent/child from your school. Ask what you can do and let them know they have your support. Similarly, you can also reach out to your local Islamic center or Mosque and ask what support your community can offer. Donating money to nonprofit organizations that work with and support immigrant and refugees in your area or around the world is an amazing way to contribute and take action. Consider supporting organizations such as the ACLU, International Rescue Committee, Council on American Islamic Relations, and even Becky’s Fund. These are just a few of the ways that you can contribute and take action towards this international issue. We must work together to act as a community and slowly create a safer and healthier environment for the members of our communities.